About Us

Welcome to Little Engineers!

Little Engineers believes every student has the right to explore, develop, design and decide new ideas, while expressing their own creativity and style. We offer classes for all kinds of learners, skill levels and styles at different times of the day and week, to allow a wide range of students the opportunity to learn and enjoy, from home-schooled during the day, learning challenged, skill challenged and those needing more of a challenge then what is currently offered at school.


We offer tested and approved programs from our educational partners (Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Georgia Tech, NASA Education, LEGO Education, Tufts University and Trinity College) used throughout the world to help kids develop a variety STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills and concepts.

Who We Are

Little Engineers provides students a strong foundation in the ever changing world of Technology, Engineering, Robotics and the Arts.

  • Lego Education Program includes Robotics, coding and programming
  • Fun Circuitry Program
  • Conventional and Digital Art Program
  • 3D Design Program

We facilitate Camps, Classes, Clubs, and even host Birthday Parties! Participants learn by developing creative problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and time management skills in a fun, creative and hands-on environment.
Our goal is to build young, confident minds by using project based Learning and strengthen participants’ 21st Century Skill sets. Little Engineer programs are taught by industry professionals and certified facilitators from around the World. We offer educational and fun programs for students in two age categories: Pre-Engineers (3-5) and Jr-Engineers (5-9).

Who believes in our work?

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Czarina Boyce

Czarina Boyce is the founder and owner of Little Engineers.  Because her own children wanted a place to play and learn, she founded Little Engineers in 2011.

Her background includes a BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, she worked for two years as a teacher for special needs children.  When she came to the US, she became a founder of the Hope Chinese Charter School (HCCS) in Beaverton. In HCCS, she was the Preschool Director for the Tiny Dragons program for two years. Ms. Boyce is now a Board member at the school. She believes passionately in STEAM education and is dedicated to helping children succeed in STEAM through play. She knows through her years of teaching (and being a mom) that when you engage children in constructive play, you can spark a passion for STEAM that can last a lifetime. She is fluent in Tagalog and English.