Art Camp

About this Course

Age: 3-13 Years
Activities: Drawing, painting, illumination
Sessions Morning, Afternoon, Full Day
Course Type: All Levels
Price: $40

Camp Classes

Materials: Canvas, paper, Acrylic paint, pencils

They will create two masterpieces using acrylic paint one on paper and one on canvas. We also offer clay during the class, We will teach them how to make a fun model with clay, and they can bring to home.

Materials: paint, oil pastel, pencils, papers, clay

This class we will teach and inspired children how to draw characters, cute animals, and create our own fantastic animated scenes. We will experiment different materials like clay, paint and paper craft.

Materials: Acrylic paint, paper

Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in Britain and the United States. For this class we inspire your child’s imaginative spirit by using bright paint colors combine popular cartoon characters and comic characters.

Materials: papers, color pencils/markers,  3V coin cell battery, LED light, copper tape

Make many different paper-based project that light up in cool and surprising ways, as you learn circuitry basics through crafting with LEDs, copper tape and coin cell batteries. Building on a paper circuits projects, experiment with more advanced techniques like creating a DIY switch or making parallel circuit with multiple lights. Explore more ideas, materials, and projects. Have fun and get creative to light up your world however you want!

Materials: Ipad

We will explore Digital Art on Ipad by using Procreate, Adobe Draw app.
They most advanced painting app ever. Create beautiful sketches, inspiring painting, and stunning illustrations whatever you want!

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