Sr. Engineering Camp

About this Course

Age: 8-13 Years
Activities: Advanced Robotics, Game Design, Arduino, etc.
Sessions: Morning & Afternoon
Course Type: Advanced
Price: $40
Senior Engineer Robot

Course Features

Mindstorm robotics is LEGO’s most advanced robotic system yet! This class is designed to give students the best foundation to the Mindstorm system and components. Students use the Mindstorms NXT/EV3 to learn and create robotic systems. Students will be provided with challanges which they need to build, program, and debug to solve each day.

This course shows students the solutions used nowadays in the factories and industry in general. By building and programming 12 robots designed by RoboCAMP, students can learn how mathemathics, physics and machines help people accomplish various exciting projects.

This class is for anyone who has never played around with Arduino before and those who have played around a little bit but aren't entirely sure about how the basics work. You'll put together basic single component electrical
circuits, learn about analog and digital, input and output, basic programming concepts, practice very basic Serial communication, and briefly cover basic virtual prototyping. It is truly designed with the beginner in mind and serves as a great introduction to the world of physical computing.

Level Three: NPC Creation Students will learn how to interact with and even build their own custom NPC (Non-player characters. Students in this session will program and create a NPC using an ingame feature to make a character of their design. Students will also be able to join with other classmates in a fun and safe environment where they can learn to work together to accomplish a task.

Level Four: Minecraft Mod Design: Students will learn how to build and interact with a mod of their creation. They will program and create textures for their mod and can keep the mod for later to show their friends! Students will also be able tojoin with other classmates in a fun and safe environment where they can learn to work together to accomplish a task.

The activities below introduce students to computer science and the programming language Scratch. Different themes attract and engage students of varying backgrounds and interests.

Music and Sound, students use the computer to play musical notes, create a music video, and build interactive display while learning programming is used to create music.

Fashion & Design, students learn how computer science and technology are used in fashion industry while building fashion-themed programs, like a fashion walk, a stylist tool, and a pattern maker. Art, students create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters,other exciting, artistic projects.

Students will learn how to make computer games, without the need to write a single line of code. Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions, they can create professional looking games within very little time. They will learn how to make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects!

Students will investigate website creation, mechanisms, and design while using HTML and CSS to create their own website from scratch. No Website will be publicly hosted, but rather stored offline.

In this 3D printing and modeling course, students (ages 8-14) learn Blender — a professional-level, open-source 3D modeling and animation suite — to sculpt, texture, arrange and render their own 3D creation, in preparation for actual 3D printing. This 3D Printing & introduces the high-tech world of 3D printing to kids. Itenables kids to learn cutting-edge technology skills and professional-level software tools — while having fun!!!

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