STEAM Learning

Why do our children seem to hate math and science? They’re not being engaged at school with real hands on activities. They need support and learning through play to cultivate their skills and enthusiasm for STEAM.

This is what Little Engineers provides.  When children learn to code with us, their code comes to life in ways they can see, hear, touch and even chase across the room.

Our region’s top employers such as Intel, Nike, Adidas, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others desperately need more people who can code, design, build and create and follow their curiosity wherever it leads them. We know that tech careers are the 21st century skillset that will allow our children to create a more secure future for themselves. And we want to help kids get excited about STEAM careers in their futures.

  • Learning through play – how to be programmers, how to do circuitry  work and robotics in a collaborative environment
  • An interest in STEAM
  • More confidence in their skills with STEAM
  • Ability to become better decision makers and better leaders because they choose their own projects
  • More individualized attention than they get in school
  • Preparing your kids for global jobs
  • Quality time with kids while playing
  • Helping your child build leadership skills
  • Knowing that your child is getting close attention from instructors with small classes and better support to learn